The precious prayers of our children are a delight to Yeshua. They nourish the family home.

Nourishing the family soul in Yeshua... via Biblical faith and counsel.

Nourishing the family soul in Yeshua... via Biblical faith and counsel.Nourishing the family soul in Yeshua... via Biblical faith and counsel.Nourishing the family soul in Yeshua... via Biblical faith and counsel.

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Bible Discipleship Club Founders Philip and Debra Hammond... their mission... Family Faithfulness.



The Emunah Center was started by Rabbi Philip and Debra Hammond because of the concern they have for families in today’s world. 

It is not unreasonable to say, “confusion reigns supreme”. Biblical counsel has been removed from our class rooms and replaced with humanistic theory causing so much of this confusion. The "counseling institutions" of today no longer look to the Holy Word of HaSHem and Yeshua for help and answers. Biblical counsel and faith is laughed at and frowned upon by the masses.

 Family structures are in turmoil as people throw out the wisdom and common sense of bible discipleship and counsel. 

How does a husband love? How does a wife respond? How does a child behave? These vital questions are no longer discussed, especially from a biblical world view. Here at the Emunah Center we want to bring back biblical counsel into everyday family life. 

We want to give you the choice of putting your family first... building faith in Yeshua and experiencing the shalom only He can provide.


. The Emunah Center is a place where people can unload some garbage… vent a little… cry a lot… laugh at ourselves... share successes and failures… hopefully grow tall and strong in the guidance of Yeshua and Torah.

Join us... share your special story... help us bring the wisdom of Biblical Counsel and Discipleship to a struggling world!



 Friends you cannot overestimate the importance of faith with prayer... without it you will lack wisdom, strength and vitality. The Master Yeshua was in constant prayer... vital for Him... vital for you.

Families come together through prayer... it gives parents the opportunity to focus on the family, showing the importance of intimate prayer.

When you reach out to HaShem with prayer, you receive vital gifts from your Heavenly Father.  He acts upon your prayers and petitions, providing Biblical counsel from above... not always as you would want, but He does acknowledge and act upon your requests. 

You do not have to make your prayers complicated, just speak from the heart... both in giving thanks and asking for guidance and help.



 Engaging in quiet intimate talks is so important to build a healthy family. Parent's who understand their children, children who engage with their parents... what a blessing.  When you apply faith and Biblical counsel, you will build family foundations that are not easily destroyed... that is a worthwhile work. 

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